Our Zaatar is an herb and spice blended mix of wild thyme, toasted sesame seeds and wild sumac with no added salt or filler ingredients. Not all zaatar is the same; depending on the quality, proportions, country, and added ingredients, the taste can vary. Unlike the zaatar found on the market which have a mild taste and no smell, our zaatar is fragrant and has a spicier kick from the wild thyme. As thyme and sumac are grown in the wild they are able flourish without being watered. It truly is an art of an artisan who has been mixing for generations. Zaatar also has health benefits including antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and a mood booster. This dry mix has endless possibilities: sprinkled over labne, hummus, and salads, used as a dry rub to marinate proteins, or mixed into dressings. The most popular breakfast is a zaatar manoushi, where zaatar is mixed with good EVOO and rubbed on thick naan-like pita and toasted in the oven. Try our pre-mixed Zaatar&EVOO jar.