Procure the Life You Want.

Procure is a space where everyone is welcome and seen.

At Procure, shopping is about fostering connection.

Each product in our store is created by women who are
passionate about their work. 

Live with intention.

Shop to lift others and feel lifted.

We believe that women uplift communities.

We are a team of women, committed to loving and serving
women-owned businesses in gratitude because they love and serve our communities.

Women-owned businesses are more likely to fail, less likely to have the resources they need to grow and less likely to have mentorship and community.

When they have the support they need, their small businesses
support local economies, employ other women, provide flexibility, autonomy and financial independence.

Diversity is a Gift.

Procure is committed to unity and care in every area of our work.  We commit to hearing, including, and valuing every person who we interact with. 

We understand that communities are not accidentally diverse, and we commit to intentionally welcoming, and facilitating the voice, leadership, and presence of all people. 

We commit to creating space where glass ceilings can break, where knowledge gaps are easily filled and to create access where it was not before.

We commit to leading our communities towards permanent change in a way that is more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

Want to know more, connect or get involved?

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