Woman 22 Golden Rainforest Serum


Woman 22 Golden Rainforest Serum

- Healthy Menstrual Cycle Formula -

- For Difficult Periods, Cramps, Bloating, and more - 


For use during your menstrual cycle.  Apply to lower abdomen and lower back.

Formulated with Premium All-Natural ingredients --- Including Certified Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade.

Woman 22 Golden Rainforest Serum can:

  • Ease menstrual discomforts, PMS symptoms, difficult cramps, bloating, restlessness, etc.
  • Intelligently adapt to and support the specific needs of each Woman, during each of her cycles
  • Provide nourishment and support, order and harmony, directly to the areas of discomfort
  • Promote increased confidence and well-being, allowing for a more positive and uplifting monthly experience
  • Deliver optimal results which can be experienced on the first application
  • Promote a more predictable menstrual cycle

Luxurious scent, silky feel, fast-absorbing, fast-acting, effective, multi-use formula.  Results on first application.

A few drops of the Serum can also be used as light hydration on the face, in the morning before makeup or before bedtime to help promote more restful sleep.

Can be used as desired during your cycle when you need it most: at home, at work, at school/university, before athletic training or competition, before yoga, when travelling.