University of Tampa Card


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Celebrating a University of Tampa? Missing your son/daughter away in Tampa? Has a friend just gotten accepted to UT?

This 5" x 7" bi-fold greeting card is professionally printed in bold red, yellow and black type. It features encouraging messages "You Did It!" "Way to Go!" because we're so excited about school accomplishments!

Inside Message: "Bravo! So Proud of You"

Card comes with a vinyl die-cut cut sticker, so you can show off your school pride on wither the back of the envelope as decoration, or on the grad's water bottle, laptop, notebook, etc. The sticker is waterproof, dishwasher safe so it can go anywhere!

While this would make a great graduation card, it can also be used for:

* care packages
* college acceptance
* encouragement (i.e. after a big exam)
* graduation

Comes individually packaged in protective sleeve.