SANA Hair Oil Serum



A lightweight yet concentrated treatment that feels like a nourishing oil and works like a reparative serum. Powered by our SANA Bioactive Complex, the potent mix of oils, plant extracts, and antioxidants soothe the scalp then work down the shaft to repair signs of damage and promote growth. Hair feels healthier, looks glossier, and grows fuller over time.

Works great with any of Florae's SANA Deep Treatment Masks. Sold separately. 

Meet Florae Beauty

Florae is a tech-driven hair wellness brand dedicated to women, offering personalized solutions and education. The brand focuses on providing top-notch products, expert guidance, and a blend of digital and real-world engagements to empower women in their hair care journey. Founded as a response to personal challenges and a desire for inclusivity, Florae aims to address hair diversity and wellness, stemming from the founder's own journey of understanding multi-ethnic hair care while highlighting the importance of hair equality in various aspects of life.