Rhea Necklace

By Aquani

The Rhea necklace is a breathtaking embodiment of elegance and symbolic grace. Crafted from exquisite sterling silver (.925), this necklace is a testament to the artistry of fine jewelry. The delicate chain gracefully cradles two mesmerizing stones, each chosen for its unique beauty and significance.

The first stone, a luminous mother-of-pearl, casts an ethereal glow reminiscent of moonlit waters. Its iridescent sheen captures the essence of mystery and purity, evoking a sense of timeless enchantment. The gentle play of colors within the mother-of-pearl reflects the intricate dance of femininity and grace.

The second stone, a deep and enchanting Black Onyx, adds a touch of sophistication and depth to the necklace. The intense, velvety black hue of the onyx exudes a sense of mystery and power, creating a striking contrast to the luminosity of the mother-of-pearl. Together, these stones form a harmonious union, symbolizing the duality of life's experiences.

The Rhea necklace derives its name from the Greek Goddess of Earth, a divine inspiration that infuses the piece with profound meaning. Rhea, a symbol of fertility, motherhood, and generations of feminine energy, imparts a timeless significance to the wearer. The necklace becomes a tangible link to the strength and beauty inherent in the cycles of life.

As you wear the Rhea necklace, you carry with you the essence of a goddess, wrapped in sterling silver and adorned with the elemental allure of mother-of-pearl and Black Onyx. It is not merely a piece of jewelry but a sublime expression of femininity, a radiant reminder of the interconnectedness between nature, generations, and the enduring power of the goddess within.✨️

  • Sterling silver .925 necklace
  • Set with two stones
  • Mother-of-pearl 
  • Black Onyx stone