Goodnight Kisses Lip Treatment


Are your lips cracked, dry, and painful? The elements sap your skin of moisture, leaving them raw and unprotected. Reach for the restorative Goodnight Kisses, and kiss those chapped lips goodbye!
This balm is a bit like a Swiss Army knife… it’s the ultimate multi-tasker. Sure, it can soften chapped lips. But that’s just the beginning!
Try it is an aromatherapy treatment, using it to relax and relieve stress. A little dab of Goodnight Kisses even aids in healing and soothing a burn, sting or itchy bug bite. Cracked cuticles love a little kiss from it as well. This little jar can almost do it all!
Why You’ll LOVE our Goodnight Kisses:

  • The Lavender in this balm has been known to aid in healing and is great for stress, sleep, or irritation.
  • Loaded with Shea Butter, Goodnight Kisses restores moisture to dry, cracked skin.
  • Works wonders on cracked cuticles, stings, and itchy bug bites.
  • The balm in this little pot of gold is hard and a little bit goes a long way.  
  • As always, KINDkisses are petroleum and coal tar color/fragrance FREE.