Fleurish 1876


Eau De Toilette: Top notes fo a springtime breeze with hints of bergamot, honeysuckle and missouri primorse. The middle feels like a warm summer day full of sun-kissed skin and picnics under the shade of trees. The base is a sunny fall day, full of lush greens, falling leaves and warm winter woods.

Meet Fleurish 1876

Meet Taya - creator of Fleurish 1876! Having worked in the beauty industry in Chicago, New York, and STL for more than 10 years, Taya moved back to her hometown of St. Louis, and could not get the idea of creating a fragrance for the city that raised her out of her head. She thought about it for the first three years she was back. What notes would it have? She thought of the honeysuckle that grows wildly throughout the city and parks. The many wild flowers that grow throughout Forest Park. The seasons we have - sometimes all in the course of one week, and how each has its own unique smell that brings back memories. The scent of optimism and pride that she and others have for this city. The name Fleurish 1876 gives a nod to both the mark of our city, the fleur de lis; and the year Forest Park opened.