Dragon Fruit Tea


Embark on a vibrant journey with our Dragonfruit Herbal Tea. Imagine a tropical paradise where the sun-kissed dragonfruit reigns as the star. With every sip, let the exotic allure of dragonfruit and a symphony of tropical flavors transport you to a world of color and joy. Like a burst of sunshine in your cup, this enchanting blend is a reminder that every day is a canvas waiting to be painted with bright, delightful moments. Sip the rainbow, embrace the magic, and let this cup of wonder be your daily invitation to taste the extraordinary! 60 teaspoons, 30 day supply. Perfect for hot or cold brew. Zero calories, sugar, and carbs. Caffeine Free & Kid Friendly. 

Meet Drink Katy's

Meet Katy Kopstad, the visionary behind Drink Katy's! Her journey with Drink Katy's began during her childhood when she ran a coffee stand in her neighborhood instead of the typical lemonade stand. From those early days, Katy nurtured a dream of establishing her very own coffee and tea company, one that radiates vibrancy and pink hues, catering to girls much like herself.

At Drink Katy's, the commitment to quality is unwavering. Every product is crafted using the world's finest ingredients, featuring a wide array of health-conscious and kid-friendly options. Katy takes pride in her small-batch production, ensuring freshness daily, while also embracing organic and clean flavors.

What sets Katy apart is her dedication to the community. She provides employment opportunities to elderly and second-chance workers. Katy's heart has always been driven by a profound desire to give back, uplift others, and contribute to making the world a better place.

When you choose Katy's products, you're not just purchasing coffee or tea; you're supporting a real person, a genuine small business, and the embodiment of the American dream.