Double Gauze Organic Cotton Camp Shirt



With so many ways to wear the Camp Shirt, the double gauze button-down is quickly becoming a go-to. The classic camp shirt is always perfect for a day outdoors. Our organic cotton double gauze button-down shirt has short sleeves and a comfortable, relaxed fit. Looks great with the matching pull on shorts for a comfy casual look. Or, paired with jeans and a blazer you have that extra bit of polish when heading into the office or out to lunch. So many ways to wear this versatile top!

But don't be fooled by its casual cut: The organic cotton material is so soft and promises to keep you cool all summer long.

What's so great about this fabric? It's preshrunk, and the more you wash it, the softer it becomes! The double gauze weave gives it that crinkly, bubbly texture that makes it such a casual but polished closet staple!

  • Style Number: GBBLSH00105
  • Details: Length 23"
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Sorrel red: Model is wearing a small

    Meet Gyal Bashy

    Gyal Bashy strives to always incorporate sustainable fabrics and fibers in their designs, using ethical production methods with trusted suppliers. Beauty comes in all forms and shades. They are inspired by women who feel good in their own skin, love themselves, and aren’t afraid to show it. They want our wearers to feel empowered to express their beauty and confidence, just feel "irie" in their own skin and enjoy paradise without the guilt of fast fashion.