Apple Honey Rose Body Butter



Apple Honey Rosé Body Butter

Our creamy texture melts instantly on the skin, providing you with all-day moisture and soft skin. This fresh and sweet scent will have you dreaming of a spring getaway.


Eliminate dry skin without worrying about unnecessary chemicals in your body butter. This intoxicating smell will have you smelling good with glistening skin.


Scent Notes:  Champagne, Apple, and Honey


Key Ingredients:


Organic Jojoba Oil: The closest to our natural skin oils, making it great for balancing oil production, and preventing acne.  Safe for all skin types and deeply hydrates the skin.


Organic Shea Butter: Our butter is creamy and contains a higher olein content. It deeply penetrates the skin and contains anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in vitamins A, E, K, and F they provide antioxidant benefits that will aid in preventing aging skin.

Meet Blush Body Essentials

Blush Body Essentials was created when the owner, Christina, a first-time mother, discovered there were so many harmful chemicals found in beauty products that could not only affect her, but her baby as well.  She changed her skin care routine by eliminating products with harmful ingredients and replacing them with her own creations. Creating products with raw and ethical ingredients you can pronounce became her mission. Her first product, the whipped body butter, drew the attention of visitors who couldn’t help but give it a try and ask for their own personal batch. This is when she knew she was on to something. We invite you on this journey to nourish your body with her handmade products.