We are thrilled to introduce Elise Edman, the inspirational woman behind Ying Ying Ying.

What is your brand?

YING YING YING - Clothing Brand

Define your brand in three words. 

Bold. Unique. Persevering.

What about building your brand gives you energy?

Building YING YING YING is my; finally-doing-what-my heart-was-meant-to-do-passion-project. So all of it gives me energy. I love constantly pushing our brand to create new unique things, and building it in a sustainable way that hopefully we will continue to do for decades to come!

When did you start your brand?

Late 2017.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

Showing at fashion shows across the country, potentially internationally, and continuing to expand creatively.

Learn more at yingyingying.shop and follow on Instagram @yingyingyingshop

April 04, 2022 — Christina Weaver