We are thrilled to introduce Michelle Robinson, the inspirational woman behind DEMIblue Clean and Vegan Nail Polish Brand.


What is your brand?

DEMIblue Clean and Vegan Nail Polish. We offer Clean and Vegan Nail care products to decrease our clients exposure to the harsh and toxic ingredients found in many other brands.

What about building your brand gives you energy?

We love to educate our community of the toxic chemicals found in nail polish and offer a healthier alternative.

Why did you start your brand?

I started this brand after my mom's experience with cancer and her inability to use conventional nail polish because of the effects of the harsh chemicals many of them contain. We then created our own line of nail polish products to include a 21-free and vegan formula, safe for my mom and my community. The brand will serve to ensure people have a healthy formula for nail products that helps to promote natural nail care and growth.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

DEMIblue will be a household nail polish name. We are rapidly expanding into stores across the nation and we are excited about this growth. We would love to expand to other areas of cosmetics, employ women to lead our business objectives and create entrepreneurial opportunities to women seeking to grow their business in cosmetics.

Learn more at demibluenaturalnails.com and follow on Instagram @demibluenn

May 08, 2022 — Christina Weaver
Tags: DEMIblue