Wool Hat with Double Leather Band


These wool hats with genuine leather bands will be a new closet staple for the winter months. The neutral color will pair perfectly with any outfit. Imagine wearing one of these at the winery, what a look! What sets us apart? Our hats are ADJUSTABLE, with two hidden strings tighten to your liking!

Gently hand wipe. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach.

Meet Gyal Bashy

Gyal Bashy strives to always incorporate sustainable fabrics and fibers in their designs, using ethical production methods with trusted suppliers. Beauty comes in all forms and shades. They are inspired by women who feel good in their own skin, love themselves, and aren’t afraid to show it. They want our wearers to feel empowered to express their beauty and confidence, just feel "irie" in their own skin and enjoy paradise without the guilt of fast fashion.