Passion Loose Leaf Tea


Experience one of our new tea blends, Passion. This delicious mix was named & created by a customer wanting to fuse the two of their favorite blends together! After trying Passion, we instantly knew this would be an incredible addition to our collection. Indulge in this sweet fusion today!

Flavor Notes: Sweet, vibrant, fruity, and creamy all at the same time. Enjoy hot or cold! Steep with boiled water for 8-10 minutes.

Ingredients: Blueberries*, Apples*, Ginger Root*, Heather Blossoms*, Melissa Leaves*, Lemon Verbena*, Lemongrass*, Blue Cornflower Blossoms*, Blackberry leaves*, Papaya Chunks*, Hibiscus Blossoms*, Rose Hip Peel*, Elderberries*, Apple Pieces*, Blackberry Pieces*, Strawberry Pieces*, Raspberry Pieces*

Recommended steeping instructions: 1-2 tsp to 8oz boiled water for 3-7 minutes

Tea blend can be used for than once. To store, please refrigerate & use within 72 hours after first steep.

Brief Benefits: In addition to immune support, this blend serves as a direct anti-inflammatory effector (antioxidant-rich), assists in alleviating gastrointestinal and digestive difficulties, provides heart support, and assists in nausea.


Packaging is biodegradable/recyclable and all teas are compostable.