Pamper Me Loose Leaf Tea


Imagine blueberries warmed by the spice of ginger and further sweetened with crisp apples and all the other sweet things in life. We present to you, Pamper Me. Where pampering is no longer a luxury, it’s a lifestyle!

Flavor Notes: Creamy, sweet, and zesty at the same time. Enjoy hot or cold! Steep 1-2 tsp to 8oz boiled water for 5-10 minutes.

Ingredients: Blueberries*, Apples*, Ginger Root*, Heather Blossoms*, Melissa Leaves*, Lemon Verbena*, Lemongrass*, Blackberry Leaves*, Cornflower Blossoms*

Brief Benefits: Aside from immune support this blend serves as a direct anti-inflammatory effector (antioxidant-rich), alleviates gastrointestinal and digestive difficulties, provides heart support, and assists in nausea.


Packaging is biodegradable/recyclable and all teas are compostable.