Forgiveness Journal


This guided journal extends an inviting hand, leading you on a journey of healing, self-liberation, and purposeful renewal. This journaling journey is crafted to give you daily doses of inspiration and guidance, equipping you with the tools to mend, transform, and flourish. You will gain a fresh outlook on relationships, and your new outlook on life will propel you along the path of personal evolution. Bunny Hedaya knows that the pursuit of happiness often requires the relinquishment of past burdens and holding grudges. Through thoughtfully designed practices, this book encourages the gentle release of what no longer serves you, making space for your dreams and aspirations to come true. "Forgiving the Past and Embracing You" is more than a guided journal; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to navigate your life with purpose, genuineness, and unyielding resolve. Embrace the opportunity to discover your authentic self and embark on a life-altering self-discovery practice through this journal by Bunny Hedaya.