Classic Menstrual Cup

By rhythm


Periods Suck. Period Care Doesn’t Have To.

Our Classic Cup is designed with ultra-soft, body-safe material, inclusive of an easy to remove pull tab and leak prevention rim. Assess your personal needs and choose which size is right for you. This bell shaped menstrual cup is perfect if you’re ready to transition to reusable products and become a cup convert - or if you already have and are looking for a cup that meets your standards. #aimhighsister


Size 01 (grey) is best if you have a light to medium flow, haven't been pregnant and do not pee when you laugh, jump, cough or sneeze. 

Size 02 (pink) is best if you have a medium to heavy flow, have been pregnant and/or leak when you laugh, jump, cough or sneeze. 

If you feel you've ordered the wrong size by mistake please reach out to so we can help get you the correct size.


+ Classic Cup + How-To Guide
+ Satin Storage Bag