Beeswax Food Wrap



Each pack contains 2 of the same size wraps.

Cover and protect your food without harming the environment. Single use plastic cellophane takes hundreds of years to break down and is made with hazardous chemicals. Instead, you can extend the life of your leftovers, fruits, and vegetables with a set of reusable cotton covers.

Simply warm the material with your hands to wrap the material over the top of your bowl or mixing cup. The non-toxic wrap can also be wrapped directly around cut vegetables with a seal that’s secure, but not sticky. Wash it by hand in cold water and it will last for an entire year!


Beeswax, Pine Rosin, Jojoba Oil. Organic Cotton Cloth.

Possible Uses:

Form into snack-size bags, wrap avocado or lemon halves, cover small bowls, carry almonds, carrots, or crackers
Form into a bigger snack bag for chips, cover a small melon or mixing bowl
Perfect for sandwiches, cover large melon or large mixing bowl

How to Use:

Seal wrap around food or container with the warmth of your hands.

Care Instructions:

Rinse with cool water after use. Mild dish soap when needed. Hang to dry. Avoid use with heat and raw meats. With proper care, wrap will last between 6-12 months.

This product is made with ingredients produced in the USA.