We are thrilled to introduce Dianna Allen, the inspirational woman behind TERRA. 


What is your brand?

TERRA. Home fragrance candles

Define your brand in three words. 

Inviting. Thoughtful. Simple.

What about building your brand gives you energy?

Community. It lights a fire in me when I meet customers and they rave about their favorite scents. I really feel connected to each person and feel so lucky to bring these wonderful feelings into their life.

Why did you start your brand?

I started TERRA because I wanted a way to capture my experiences in nature and around the world. Through scent, I felt that I could relive these moments and share them with others. 

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I would love to have a full team of support within TERRA. Right now, there's a lot of the day-to-day that weighs on me as I drive this business forward, being only myself. As TERRA grows, I see new opportunities opening up for support from production to relationships and I'm so excited to share more of the love that this brand has created.
Learn more at terrasimply.com and follow on Instagram @terrasimply


April 13, 2022 — Christina Weaver
Tags: Terra